As a woman-owned business, we feel a close connection to causes that support and uplift the ladies in our community. For that reason, we’ve decided to donate 5% of our online profits to organizations that help empower women and girls to be their strongest selves. Every few months we’ll be selecting one charity to donate to, and are thrilled to start off with a bang by donating to the National Women’s Law Center, whose important work helps ensure an equal future for all genders and identities.  

The NWLC’s history in the fight for gender equality includes championing the 2014 fight against Hobby Lobby’s birth control suit, which overturned the right of companies to deny women birth control coverage. They’ve also pushed for more women in judicial positions by motivating the senate to approve key nominations, a practice which had more women confirmed judges during Obama’s presidency than any other presidency before!  

With the acceptance of Brett Kavanaugh as the newest supreme court justice, we believe it’s important now more than ever to ensure that women across the country have a voice. Time is up! We’ve decided to take a stand, and hope that you join us in this fight for equality. You can learn more about the great things NWLC does here, or donate directly to them here.

It’s fun to play in our socks, but sometimes we’ve gotta pull our cuffs up and work! 💪