About Us

HELLO! Welcome to the magical and mystical world of Sockshop Haight Street, we are SOOOO excited to have you. San Francisco is our home, the Haight-Ashbury to be exact, and boy is it wonderful. Haight Street, pronounced “hate”, was our birthplace, but that’s the furthest feeling you’ll get from our bad-ass female owned and sockstar operated online shop. 🖥💕

As the home of hippies and the very first summer of love, we couldn’t think of a better spot for our sweet little shop. See we love socks, probably too much, but we’re excited to bring that love and care to you every 👏 single 👏 day 👏.

We’ve scoured the world for the most colorful, fun, and unique brands that’ll spice up your sock drawer with fashion and flare. We believe socks are the gateway to the soul, or was it the sole? ;) No matter the lingo, we make sure our selection is SPECIAL! From dinosaurs to unicorns and Michelle Obama, our sock selection is exciting and unique to our brick-and-mortar location!

As supporters of the world wide web, we love to stay connected. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @sockshophaight, or join the greatest newsletter on the internet as we expand our sock drawer to the ends of the earth and beyond. 🌎✈

So what are you waiting for? Step into our sock drawer and let your imagination run wild. ✨✨ 

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