Bioworld: Bringing our favorite heroes to life, Bioworld is like the superhero crossover we’ve always wanted!

Blue Q: Full of cheeky little sayings, Blue Q’s like the annoying sibling you can’t help but love! These cool cats even donate 1% of sock sales to Doctors Without Borders, and 1% of pouch sales to environmental initiatives.

Celeste Stein: Made in the land of the free and the home of the brave, Celeste Stein offers a playful collection of printed tights perfect for any creative.

Conscious Step: Socks consciously created for a better world. Conscious Step are sustainably and ethically made socks that give back with every purchase by donating to 1 of 17 nonprofit partners. Plant trees, build homes, save LGBTQ+ lives, protect endangered animals, all through purchasing amazing socks!

Coucou Suzette: It all started in 2016 in France, thanks to a boob! Coucou Suzette makes fun and colorful kitsch creations to make you smile. Including beautiful gals of all shapes, sizes, and colors, Coucou Suzette is not easily forgotten.

Darn Tough: Darn Tough is a family owned, American manufactured sock brand. They design, manufacture, and sell the most comfortable, durable, and best-fitting socks out there. This promise is backed up by an unconditional lifetime guarantee, and that's no joke!

Foot Traffic: Keep the world moving and shaking with socks that just don’t quit! Fusing fresh and fun, foot traffic is anything but slow. We love them for their 3D animal socks that make any outfit POP!

Good Luck Sock: Using a sublimation printing process on a socks allows for an amazing array of colors and details, and Good Luck Sock takes full advantage of their art showcasing our favorite gorgeous mushroom socks, as well as familiar faces like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and THE ICON Bill Murray.

Gumball Poodle: From sunny Los Angeles, California comes the even sunnier Gumball Poodle. Their statement socks have been worn by legends like Beyoncé and they’re even made in America too!

Happy Socks: These Swedish sock masters have been around since 2008, turning simple socks into sockterpieces. Combining creativity and utility, Happy Socks are a sock of all trades!

Hot Sox: Since the ‘70’s Hotsox has been crafting funky socks with fashion in mind. Their famous artist series even features iconic art pieces at the tip of your toes.

K.Bell: Designed with personality and style in mind, K.Bell elevates socks from fun to fashion. And they have an America Made line to boot!

Living Royal: Living Royal is known for producing the coolest gift around- color-in socks! And not just that, but they make some of the coziest fuzzy socks made to look like animals to keep you warm and lookin cute.

Maggie’s Organics: Good for the Earth, and for you. Maggie’s Organics makes soft, comfortable, functional socks with organically grown cotton and wool from small farms in the U.S., Argentina, Peru, Tanzania and India. Made by skilled workers who are treated with dignity and respect, earn fair wages, and work in co-ops that they helped build as well as family-owned and operated shops.

Many Mornings: Bringing a refreshing twist to any outfit, Many Mornings’ mismatched socks make the perfect pair. Say that five times fast!

MeMoiMeMoi's mission is simple: total comfort, total style, and total versatility. From our best selling mushroom socks, to beautiful tights that will dress up any outfit, they have something for you.

ModSocks: Purrmaids, sasquatch, and oh so much more make up the cozy sock family created by ModSocks!

Oooh Yeah: Los Angeles, home of Hollywood and Ooh Yeah Socks! The west coast creators are a popular pick for their casual Bob Ross collection.

Out of Print: Our sock drawer doubles as a library thanks to the literary masters at Out of Print that bring our favorite stories to life, one stitch at a time.

Pretty Polly: From across the pond comes the prettiest polly we ever did see! Designed to enhance any style, these unique, fashionable tights keep all eyes on you.

Smartwool: Smartwool makes high quality merino wool socks to equip you for all your outdoor adventures. All backed up by a Go Far. Feel Good.™ Guarantee. It doesn’t take a brainiac to realize the ultimate comfort and utility that wool brings. Slip into a pair of Smartwool and let the magic begin!

Sock It To Me: Turning the ordinary into extraordinary, Sock It to Me expands what it means to be a novelty sock with kitschy art and niche designs.

Socksmith: Out of a love for individuality and self-expression, Socksmith was born. They're designed in our own backyard of Santa Cruz, California by talented in-house artists, and knit with care using top-quality materials. They are uniquely tailored for those who agree with the mantra of #NoBoringSocks (or #NoBS!). 

Stance: Stance's philosophy: WE ARE STITCHED DIFFERENT™. They create to provoke a life as colorful on the outside as you feel on the inside. Because a perfect fit matters more than simply fitting in. Inspired by skate culture and fresh, visionary art, stance socks are in a league of their own.

Yellow Owl Workshop: Yellow Owl Workshop is the brainchild of Christine Schmidt, whose art career began in primary school when she won a bike at the local grocer's coloring contest. This bike was red and had ten whole speeds! Yellow Owl Workshop is notable for a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic, original graphics and bold colors. And we love them the most because they're based right here in our hometown of San Francisco!